Employer supporting documents for H-1B Petition

The following additional documents need to be sent to:

           Immigration Corp.
           703 Market Street
           Suite 508 - 510
           San Francisco, CA 94103
  • First and second sheets of letterhead. We will be preparing a supporting letter for the USCIS (Immigration Service) in duplicate on company letterhead for your signature. If your company does not wish to release letterhead, then we will email the company support letter to the appropriate person in the company. The letter will include a description of the company, the position being offered and the qualifications of the new employee.
  • Company checks made out to "USCIS" in the following amounts: $320.00 which represents the base fee payable for all H-1B petitions; $500.00 for a Congressionally mandated fraud detection fee also applicable to all first time H-1B petitions; a third check either for $1,500 for companies with 25 or more employees or $750.00 for companies with fewer than 25 employees.
  • Any promotional literature available regarding your company and its products or services. A web site URL that includes a company description will serve the same purpose.
  • If publicly traded, please provide latest annual report or URL where it is located online.
  • A generic description and/or an offer letter describing the position being offered unless obvious from job title.